About Us

 The Diet Free Life is an evidence-based and clinically proven methodology and program…

The Diet Free Life methodology has helped thousands of people lose weight, and improve overall metabolic health without avoiding carbs!

In our first 8-week trial with 1,000 participants, 81% of participants succeeded with the potential weight loss for men being 47 pounds, and 33 pounds for women. The median for men in this trial was 14 pounds, and 18 pounds for women, funded by Aetna Insurance.

In our second 8-week trial with 24 participants (Medicaid and Medicare members), the retention was 93%. All participants lost weight and improved Hemoglobin A1C, blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol. This trial was funded by Highmark Wholecare (previously known as Gateway Health Plan).

Our Story

Meet Robert Ferguson, Founder

Robert Ferguson, CN, MS, is a nutritionist and fitness expert, researcher, speaker, consultant and best-selling author. He serves on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medical Association and has been dubbed as America’s Fat Loss Coach. Robert’s degrees in counseling psychology and training as a professional nutritionist led him to pioneer an evidence-based and clinically proven methodology.

The principals of the Diet Free Life methodology have been endorsed by medical professionals, practiced by many notable celebrities and professional athletes and have already transformed tens of thousands of lives. The method is the collaborative outcome of medical professionals, registered dieticians, clinical nutritionists, fitness experts and behavior specialists.

As Robert travelled from coast-to-coast meeting and talking with people about their nutrition and weight loss concerns, he began to notice common themes across America. He noticed how hungry people are, not for food, but for knowledge on how to eat and prepare their favorite foods in a way that was healthier. This along with his sincerity to help his mother break the diet yo-yo is how the methodology was born.

Robert remains dedicated to helping others break free from conventional dieting and engage in a diet free life where food continues to be a celebration of life. Embracing the Surgeon General, CDC and NIH reports on obesity that share the common theme for societal change, the goal of the methodology is: to launch educational programs that meet people where they are and provide best health strategies for wellness and weight loss.

Our Approach

We meet you where you are!

Unique Methodology

Evidence-based, and clinically proven to help you reduce excess body fat and improve metabolic health.