"We are Proven to Help you Improve Health, Lower Blood Sugar, and Get Off Medications!"

– Robert Ferguson

"I lost 60 LBS, Reversed Type 2 Diabetes and Eliminated Medications."

– Daphne W., Age 66

A Better and Realistic Way to a Healthier You!

Award-Winning Food as Medicine Program.

"I lost 240 LBS eating foods I enjoy. This is not a diet. It's a lifestyle!"

– Kathy B.

Never Diet Again

You don’t have to take supplements, eat pre-packaged food or avoid carbs to lose weight. We show you how to improve health and lose weight eating foods you enjoy!

Food as Medicine

Our “food as medicine” methodology is scientifically validated and clinically proven to help you lose weight, lower blood sugar, get off medications, and improve overall health.

Gut Health

When it comes to both losing weight and improving overall health, we believe your success begins in your gut. Our program teaches you the ins and outs of optimizing your gut health.

We make nutrition understandable, adaptable, sustainable, and rewarding for everyone!

Since 1995 we have helped thousands of people lose weight, get off medications, reverse type 2 diabetes, lower blood sugar and improve overall health. The following are a few of our proven outcomes:

92% of all participants either reversed type II diabetes or transitioned to a prediabetic status

87% of participants eliminated the use of Metformin.

80% of participants eliminated the use of blood pressure medication.

58% of participants eliminated the use of statins.

Proven Track Record

years experience
clients report complete satisfaction
clients improve metabolic health
satisfied customers worldwide

Become a Client

Lose weight, improve health, and see your way to an improved, healthier you.

Create Lasting Habits

Learn how to optimize health and lose weight eating foods you enjoy!

Become a Coach

Help others using a proven program that is verified, validated and reproducible!

Flexible Hours

Work part-time, full-time or whenever and however it fits your schedule.

Meet Robert Ferguson

Health begins with education, taste and home prepped meals.

How It Works

When You’re a Client

There is nothing more effective than having a coach when you want to improve health and/or lose weight. You can begin and learn more by scheduling a free consultation OR you can register here, and we will be in touch and connect you with a certified coach. You learn how to get results by eating real food and creating lasting habits!

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Keeping consistent contact builds trust, and momentum and establishes accountability that increases follow-through and assures success.

Customized Nutrition Program

Meeting people where they are includes psycho-socially, culturally, and financially. This includes tailoring nutrition habits to one’s lifestyle and food preferences.

Community Collaboration

Addressing Social Determinants of Health is key to what we do. Leveraging existing relationships with CBOs, FQHCs and Rural Health Centers (RHCs) builds confidence with participants and enhances the efficacy of our solution.

One-On-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching provides a higher level of support and customization in each session. Allowing for a higher degree of flexibility, the 1-on-1 coaching sessions serve as a platform for rapid engagement and conformity.

Behavioral Coaching

Our coaching model is designed to influence behavioral change that forms new patterns of eating and lifestyle habits that last.

Tools and Resources

iCoura Health provides access to educational materials to support and reinforce participant understanding of the methodology and provide self-guided ways to implement what is learned from their coach.


What Members Are Saying

“I no longer take blood pressure medication, statins and I’m free of type 2 diabetes. Forever thankful.”

Daphne W

“I lost 115 pounds with this program and after 15 years, I no longer take statins or blood pressure medication.”

Linda J

“I began this journey at 337 pounds and I now live at 200 pounds. I learned how to eat for a lifestyle, not a diet.”

Brett H


Our Mission is to make nutrition understandable, adaptable, and rewarding for everyone to optimize their health and quality of life.