She Lost 110 LBS Eating Foods She Enjoys!

… and she no longer takes blood pressure and cholesterol medications.

Nutritionist, author and creator of the Diet Free Life methodology, Robert Ferguson, talks with Linda Jackson who not only lost 110 pounds, but got off many medications to include blood pressure and statins. In this exclusive interview, you will hear how she did it.

Linda began this journey at 249 pounds, and on the date this video interview took place, Linda was down to 139 pounds. Take time and listen to her journey. You will discover that she was able to succeed without avoiding carbs or feeling like she was on a diet. She learned how to improve health, lose weight and get off medications without having to stop eating foods she loves.

In addition to learning and applying the Diet Free Life methodology, and being coached by Robert Ferguson, Linda does the DETOX DROP on occasion. You can learn more about this seven-day program and becoming a client in our store at

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