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Robert meets you where you are!

The Diet Free Life System is not a diet. Instead, Robert offers a simple eating plan to make small changes to your current meals for huge results on the scale. If you're ready to lose weight, let us show you how.

The Diet Free Life System is safe, easy and satisfying because you can eat your favorite foods. You'll never feel deprived or hungry while losing pounds and inches.

There's no other system like it.

Dr. Robert

How the Diet Free Life System Works

Step 1: 3 Week Clean Start

Clean Start will break the chains of your old cravings for sweets, salt, and processed foods, as it sets the stage for your new diet-free life. You’ll get a quick jumpstart on your weight loss goal, while rebooting your metabolism.

Step 2: Carb Stepping

When you eat too many carbs, weight gain is inevitable. But how many carbs are too many? The Diet Free Life System will show you. With the Carb Stepping process, you’ll identify your individual Carb Threshold – the maximum amount of carbs that you can eat without weight gain.

Step 3: Live Your Diet Free Life

The lifelong benefit of the Diet Free Life System is learning how to combine the right foods so your meals and snacks keep your body in fat-burning mode. You’ll learn how to easily create fat-burning meals at home, in restaurants and on the go, that your whole family will enjoy.

  $14.95 (S&P)
Diet Free Life
  • Metabolism Reboot & Meal Manager
  • Diet Free Life System (3 DVDs, 6 CDs)
  • Cookbook – Fat Burning Recipies for people who love food
  • Diet Free Life pocket guide … AND MORE!